How to activate your minecraft account

Just login to your minecraft (if you aren’t already) then type this in your address bar:

What do you mean activate?

i think it makes a non premium account premium, possibly?


So it’s a glitch? i am going to have to report this to Marcus.

not sure if it works yet

Don’t change your answer I am just simply reporting it. For god sake the game is great just purchase it

Well, We don’t even know if it works so stop getting your jimmies rustled and over reacting. Nothing is this simple.

I sure hope you are trolling. Why in the world would this work…?

Woot woot woot nice share

Shh just keep pretending.

and lol @ zwag being so butthurt.

So is Skyrim and other games, yet you don’t seem to be crying about flashed xboxes. Obv fanboy is obv

This will probably wont work. lol

May be just me, I did one to test it and now the website is derped out unless your logged in lol

Does this work?

doesn’t work.

All it does is bring you to the purchase URL, no way it would work yet Im testing regardless, will take about an hour to verify though. I don’t see how it could possibly work though considering all it does is redirect you to the purchase URL, it doesn’t actually active your account or anything from what I see.

No. You can get an order number from it, though.

How did you get that recipt bit up?

Go to the store to upgrade to premium. Select paypal, agree to terms, go to checkout. Once you’re on the checkout page, go to the success link.

Mmmmm I smell a bit of SE that we can do :smile:

That’s what I was thinking, but I doubt it would work.