How to add Black Ops First Strike DLC on Jtag

Heres a quick and simple tutorial for you:
Things you need:

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Xport 360
Transfer cable/usb(im using transfer cable)
Black Ops DLC

Black Ops DLC:

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MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
(I would do a virus scan but the DLC is almost 700mb. That would take forever!)


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MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Virus scan:

Xport 360:

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  1. Download The Black Ops DLC, XM360, and Xport 360. You Need to Install Xport 360.

  2. Putting on the Black Ops DLC. Go to the following in your hdd: device 1>partition 3>content>0000000000000000> 41560855> drag the 00000002 folder you downloaded in this location.

  3. Putting on XM360. Go to the root of your hdd (device 1>partition 3) Make a folder Called applications or whatever you would like. Extract the XM360 folder and drag it in this location of the new folder.

  4. That is all for your computer go ahead and plug your hdd in your jtag.

  5. Load up XexMenu1.1 on your jtag. Go to the location you put the XM360 folder on your jtag. Once in that folder click the XM360.xex. After You have done this go over the the left side hit “rescan all”. Once its finished go to the left side and hit “show DLC”. Once you have selected “show DLC” go over to the DLC on the right and click the Black Ops First Strike. Go back over to the left and select “Unlock DLC”.

  6. Once You have done that go back to the dashboard, load up xexmenu1.1, go to your black ops folder, select a .xex to boot on.

  7. Go to zombies or multiplayer and select a map from the new first strike DLC.

  8. Play On the new Maps!

  9. Your done!

Video Tutorial:

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This was written by me(CleanMODS). Thanks for checking out this tut.

Nice lol i just watched Your vid of This :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty good tut Mr Clean