How to add COD:AW Havoc DLC

got a dilemma here paid a m8 to download some dlc for me onto a flash drive so i could play it when i got home but because i was tired i forgot about the licence bull and now iv paid for dlc that i cant access :confused: iv asked him for his account details hes no wanting to give them out and he lives over 50 miles away so as you can tell im kinda dying inside any idea on how i can get this to work my xbox aint modded was hoping for a solution via the flash drive but im open to modding my console if itll fix it contacted xbox support said theres nothing that can be done usual bull man heres hoping theres a legend online :smiley:

You’re pretty much screwed man. You would need a Jtag or RGH modded 360 to play them since they’re signed to his profile.

You are out of luck if he wont give you his account details. You could always take your xbox to his house and let him sign in a do the transfer. I’m not sure why you paid him instead of just buying the DLC.

how do i get a Jtag or RGH modded 360 can i mod a basic to make it that or is it a specific console im a noob man modded a few saves but thats about it lol

and cheers for the replies

my m8s giving me the cash back so its no too bad still dying inside though cos now iv still got dlc i cant use gutted

wow scrap that last question turns out iv got a jasper motherboard lmao :laughing: and surprisingly its never been updated so what do i do now any ideas or can anyone point me in the right direction thanks