How to add games to queue?

Good morning all-

I like the new changes to the wemod app.

My question is regarding the games that don’t have a trainer yet.

There was some games that I boosted, in hope of seeing a trainer added for those games.

IE- Troubleshooter. It came out last year (2020) and I helped to boost for that game. It had like 800-900 votes for it, before the changes to the wemod app.

I noticed that we had our points refunded. I’m not worried about that part.

My question is, how can we vote or boost the games that aren’t on the queue? Aside from the queue, are there anything else we can do with our points? I’d still like to see games (that aren’t on the queue) be considered for the trainers.



Currently, there is no way to boosts games that aren’t in the queue and only staff can add games to the queue. We are thinking about evenly distributing your boost among any games you follow. So if you have 200 boosts and you follow 5 games each one would get 40 boosts.

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I would recommend letting us allocate our own points.

IE- I’m following three games, and I have 200 points. Maybe I’m more interested in one game than the others, so I might allocate more points to that one than the other two. (Like 100 to game A, 50 each to other two.)

Do we still earn points for using wemod?


You can allocate your points however you want to by boosting the game once it is in the queue. Until that point, your boosts will be evenly split. You will still retain your boosts it will just be another metric for us to decide what gets added to the queue.

You will not receive points for using WeMod. Boosts are only being provided to Pro members so once the free users spend their boosts that were converted from WePoints that is it for them.

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so lets say you do implement this. lets say, hypothetically, the games i currently follow finally get passed through the queue and have a trainor. do i auto get unfollowed from them and can freely follow a new game? or do i need to manuelly unfollow to save my points?

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Yes, games would be automatically unfollowed once it is released. You would need to manually boost the game once it hit the queue and those boosts would not be returned once the trainer is released.

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alright. i also read that games get tallied for the queue if they are currently downloaded on enough peoples pc’s. would simply following the game be enough for a tally point, or am i gonna have to install the game and just wait to see what happens?

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Installing a game does not do anything. It is based on how many people are boosting the game. Games that have more boosts will be moved to the top of the queue. Just a reminder if you have 0 boosts and follow a game it will also be counted as 0 boosts toward the game.

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alright thank you for the clarification! that makes more sense!

Also wanted to add that we plan on increasing the number of boosts you get each month. Likely in the next week.