How to appear to have the MW3 Beta

[b]I Take No Credit this is from TTG.

Also it isnt the real beta it is just to show as a joke and trick your friends[/b]


[details=Open Me]I Took These With my Phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Download Links:
the link for the beta and mod tools!

[b]Step1: Extract Your profile from Modio

Step2: Open up the Mw3 game and your profile in modio

Step3: Copy the Profile Id and the Console ID over to the Mw3 one and Rehash and resign

Step4: Put the 0000000000000000 and everything inside that folder that you are provided with onto your usb if their isnt already a 0000000000000000 folder

Step5: Have Fun Tricking Your Friends :smile:

If you Can’t figure it out feel free to msg me on aim and ill help

Aim: PSNH4x0rz[/b]

Chris’s tutorial:

Extract Files
Open Horizon
Insert USB
Click inject
Choose your profile

This is a nice find!

That’s pretty sweet, will have to try this later :smile:

Oh, that’s pretty awesome.

Out of curiosity, how does this work?

How about we use Horizon instead of Modio. :smile:

So I added my tutorial to the bottom since using modio is pointless. Horizon is much easier and quicker. Nice find though

Lol that’s epic.

Is there anyway to replace the thumbnail for it?

Jesus this kid is using IE with Modio and has about the ****iest mouse possible

Actually I dont think you can.

If you want to change the thumbnail and **** and have the SDK on your PC just build your own package. It won’t launch though. (Obviously)

Could you drag it into horizon and replace the images under file contents?

Lul, I failed at doing this and my slim got a RDOD. But I restarted it and it was all good<3

It might trick your friends but it wont trick M$. By doing this your pretty much waving a white flag shouting “I’ve modded my profile”.

How to appear to be lame.

Has nothing to do with your profile.

Won’t run anyway since the package is the XEXMenu package and won’t be signed for retail :smirk:

Did anyone even bother to test this before posting it?

I did, works on my Slim.

Whether it does or it doesnt, its a bit of a stupid risk to take just to wind your friends up.