How to backup xbox games to PC to save HD space on xbox

Ok i got a ton of DLC’s taken up the majority of space on my 20 gig xbox HD. I have been wanting to backup my games after my recent mishap with my beloved forza 3 got some nasty scratches on it.

My question is, how can I backup my games to my PC hard drive so i can save space on my 360 hardrive? And then when i want to tranfer the backups from PC HD to 360 HD, how would this be done? Is there a software that can convert the files so i can use xport to move them from PC HD to 360 HD?

I got a USB transfer cable and can hookup the xbox HD to my PC, but my PC DVD drive cant read the xbox games to back them up. I have done a bunch of reading around, and it seems like I would have to get firmware installed onto my PC DVD drive that will read xbox games. Problem is, i couldnt find any tutorials or how to’s to do this setup of flashing the PC DVD drive,(plenty of tutorials to do the 360 drives though) so is there anyone here with the know how to do this?

My PC DVD drive is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H653N SCSI CdRom Device it that helps.

If this is possible, (im sure it is with some of the technical geniuses we have), that would be totally awesome, as PC HD’s have tons and tons of space, so you could store plenty of games easy. Would be a great tutorial idea if there isnt already one around here that i missed.

Just open up the directory the games are installed to and wait for horizon to be released to extract them. (MODIO and other HDD explorers cannot extract 6. something Gigs)

So horizon can release these backup games and make backup files on my computer? Holy @#$%, your kiddin me right?

Not sure what your saying but here is what I mean.

You connect your HDD. Then you go over to where the Games are located on your HDD, then you extract that game to your desktop and delete it from your HDD to make space. Then once you want to add it again use horizon to inject the file into the same folder.

Horizon can extract and inject HUGE files.

Oh totally sweet, ya thats what i was looking for. So i can get a lil more space on the 360 drive to download more DLC and games on the 360 HD, but still be able to keep my other games and DLC without having to delete them. I got a few games on usb sticks, but those can get expensive after while, while im sitting with over 500 gigs of PC HD disk space for free. After just a lil secion of a scracth totally ruined one of my fav games, im wanting to backup all my games, but hard to do with a 20 gig 360 drive, That way hopefully a few minor scratches wont ruin the game playing since i will still have the disc so the backups should work fine as long as the disk is at least bootable, or so i heard So this is awesome. Horizon rocks! I tried a few other things and all of em seems to talk about xISO and firmware modding and im like, "no im not trying to do that, just a simple way to save space without having to flash anything lol.

I might try to make a few hard copies of games eventually, but i never tried any hardware mods or firmwares mods, just game files and saves, so that will take a few hours of reading before i can get into that area.

FINALLY!!! thank you theone, you wouldnt believe how many pages i went to finally get a answer lol…

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do you have a web link to that horizon sight I would like to do the same thing

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