How To Boost In MW3 [Theory]

Game mode: Kill Confirmed (No time limit)

1. Class Set up [details=Open Me]
As long as you have gotHardline, Specialist & a Tac Insertion it will work[/details]
2. Get 12 people
3. Get a partner or a dummy / guest account
4. Get in game, Find partner / dummy account
5. Take it in turns H/S boosting (When you spawn you get 250 Exp for getting your tags back. And When you kill you get 250/300 Exp for getting you 1st perk in specialist)
6. Continue with step 5. :sunglasses:

NOTE: This is my theory on how to boost. I’ve not boosted and not planning to. :laughing:

It would probably work to get you banned :smiley:

My theory on getting banned:

Your average game score is posted. If it’s too high, dat ban hammer?

IW don’t seem to be doing nothing about boosters. Their still reppin’ leaderboards. :anguished:

It is only the 3rd day of release. Maybe weekly/monthly ban waves? :sunglasses:

Like Navy says, it will work to get you banned.

Well obviously for those little kids who boost they won’t know many ways of evading the ban so they wait a while to boost.

IW do this too, then after about a month when more mods / boosters come they will start banning.

Common sense really.

You Can Also Turn Recording off

They Have a Team To Watch For Boosters So this is cool but pointless at the same time lol.


Even if you stop recording they’ll still find you out.

why would you want to boost anyways? It’s not a race to the last prestige.

Or you could just riot shield boost.

To Some Kids That’s how they see it lol.


riot shield boosting is patched.

The method posted by the OP will get you banned. You have to stay under the hourly, daily EXP cap.

What the Exp cap hour/day? I’ve gone from Level 1 to 45 in just over 5 hours (legit)

i’ve gone from 1-45 in 2 hours…

the limit would be higher.