How to Break Cruicible


1: Make a party of 4 defender titans, and 2 hunters or warlocks.

2: Have the titans equip Crest of Alpha Lupi so the titans spawn 3 orbs per bubble shield, making it a total of 12 orbs (it takes aprox. 7 orbs for a super)

3: Go in to Destiny PVP and wait for everyone to get their super

4: Group up and have the titans spawn their bubbles non stop (I recommend having armor, blessing, and weapons of light)

5: Have your hunters/warlocks grab orbs and kill any enemies around you.

6: Enjoy infinite supers

Wow, I seriously wonder what Bungie would say/think if they saw this video!
Like “Okay, well…I…um…didn’t…we definitely…crap.”

Seriously though, I wonder how many people are now going to be going into Crucible and try to recreate these results. If it were my squad and I I’m sure the enemy team would have quit because I never get kids to say in games in which we are slaughtering!

(ex: Black Ops: 2 - I’ll call in one Swarm and the whole enemy team will leave.)

Thanks for sharing!

Warlocks could remedy this with the nova bomb. I’d be glad to see a bunch of players group at once.

Not really. You see in the video people trying to nova bomb them. It will take down one shield and kill no one

Yesterday while playing Iron Banner I see a clan party doing this and I quit after 5 min. But before I send it my fist of havoc into all bubbles and only break 3 bubbles with 2 kills.