How to bypass Halo Reach cR Limit - You can reach 1 mill

In-depth tutorial

Okay so here’s my tips for the people who are having trouble with this… this is just how I did it anyway.
So don’t kill yourself using the 30, 30, 30 thing. It takes much longer in the long run than just dying by your own missile.

To work on your timing just get a fresh save and mod yourself invincible and change your coordinates to -66 55 15.86 using Liberty and then run over and grab the Laser Designater gun thingy (excuse my terminology) and practice getting your timing down where you can back into the corner right as the first missile hits. The checkpoint is delayed by like 5 seconds here so if you’re in the corner and the missile hasn’t hit or it hit too early revert and try again, if you feel like it’s hitting right as or just barely (like .5 a second afterward) after you get in the corner feel free to hit start and restart the mission with all the skulls on minus blind and iron then save and mod your save so you’re invincible. Then just run over to the laser and get your checkpoint and then hit revert to last checkpoint twice to make sure it’s a good save and if it isn’t just sign out of your profile and sign back in and try again, if it is save and quit and go back to Liberty and mod all the coordinates of bipd’s by clicking on the arrow next to Bipd and then clicking on Kat and clicking on Mass Move and then editing the coordinates to -66 55 15.86 and then click okay. Not all the Bipd’s will have been moved so you’ll have to manually go through and set them up the same way by scrolling down the list. For me it was just jackels and a few elites and one or two grunts that had to be changed. Make sure you edit your coords as well so it kills you, and on that note be sure to turn off your invincibility.

My thoughts
A good save only takes 1-2 seconds for you to be able to manually revert and get all the medals.
1-2 seconds before you die
5-7 seconds per revert via death

Be SURE to die via your own missiles, on my save an Elite kicks and kills me as soon as it starts so…
My save is a 7 second save. It’s not perfect by any means but that’s without me doing anything.
You will gain SUBSTANTIALLY more amounts of cR FASTER if you’re reverting manually, the second you get the medals than if you let it go by itself.
If you can, set it up so it all ends as close to 1AM as you can, ie if it’s 7PM make it all 6 hours, and then at 8 make it 5 then at 9 make it 4, at 10 make it 3, and then just wait it out… actually you should make it 3 at nine… because at ten you’d have to stop because 3 hours after 10:05 is 1:05… sorry.

Hope this helps more than it confuses you.
You can go here to find out how long you have until Inheritor…8Halo:_Reach%29
Liberty can be found here in the Modding section of Reach

Tips on using iMACRO
There are two kinds of macros, one that records mouse movement, what you’re typing, everything you’re doing and records it and then replays it the way you did it and you can adjust the speed, and then there’s the kind like this where it just records the changes that are being made to the webpage. iMACRO is the latter.

While I’m sure OP’s download has a great one size fits all feel to it, it’s much better to make your own as it’ll be much more personalized. I have mine setup in 5 separate macros for grunts, jackals, Skirmishers, kills with the laser, and medals. I then have it setup into groups of said five based on hour. So I have a macro for grunts, skirmishers, medals, ect. for 3, 4, 5, and 6 hours.
This looks something like this
3HOURS Grunts
4HOURS Grunts

and so on and so forth.
Something to know about these macros. Be sure to refresh the page before recording as the macro starts out by refreshing the page. If there is already a number for kills or medals when creating a new macro, just highlight it and replace it with the number you want, even if it’s the same number. If there’s already a number for hours, and it’s the one you want. Leave it be. If it isn’t the one you want, make use of the arrows, do not fill it in with the number via keyboard input. The macro will sense this as "type 3 into box “hours” or whatever and you’ll end up with 60 hours instead of 3 because 33 isn’t available… or if it is you’ll have 33. whatever. :smile: It took me a while to figure this out unfortunately.

I know some of you like the OP have gone through your stats and then made it so every two minutes everything’s ready to turn in… and that sounds like a great idea to me but I’ve been dumb and did something different.
I have my Medals set to 500
Jackals set to 250
Grunts set to 250
Skirmishers set to 150
Kills set to 1000

I do this because I often switch between manually reverting and respawning and so I’d rather be getting all my stuff counting instead of three minutes into cooking dinner being OH s*** lol :smile: so this just gives me more room for error and time to do other stuff. If you know you’ll have the time to just brain dead stare at the screen reverting or you know all you want to do is auto revert via death than by all means time that hoe lol and just go in every 2 minutes. Better safe than sorry:)

In Firefox you can get iMACRO by going here https://addons.mozil…os-for-firefox/
In Chrome you can get it here https://chrome.googl…cfgfijoopmnlemp

Oh right I forgot haha I meant to tell you how to use iMACRO
Okay so after it’s installed and you’ve restarted your browser, just look on the top left of firefox and you’ll see a new symbol, if you’re using chrome it’ll be inside your tools menu or something… just look around haha it looks like a piece of paper or something with a yellow oval with a plus on it. It’s NEW and you haven’t seen it before:)
Anyway, so just switch over to your Challenges tab (refresh the page) and then in the macros window there will be a “tab” that says Rec. Click that and then click record. Using the above tips make your first challenge. Be sure to say no and uncheck the box that asks if you want to close all your tabs on the popup that comes up…
then click Stop after you’ve clicked on create challenge and then click Save and save it as the Number of hours and the name of the challenge or whatever you’ll remember. Then create the next one and do the same. When that’s finished just complete them all and use the macros to refill them. If you run into a problem check the above for trouble shooting and try making it again. If you have a working macro for the same thing but from a prior hour do some compare and contrast if you can’t get it working. Worst case scenario just ask here and we may be able to help you. Then an hour later just repeat the process but for one less hour.

Things to do while waiting
Okay you lucky soldier you, you’ve made it to the point where you have to wait until 1am before the credit limiting police decide to give you a break and let you keep that extra cR you managed to get:)
Translation: You’ve started at 3PM with 6 Hour challenges and now it’s 9PM. What the f*** are you supposed to do now? Well if you’re like the rest of us you’ve probably got anywhere from 200,000cR to 3Million cR. With the limit being 120,000CR a day… So if you come online with all of your Custom Challenges being credited you’ll lose all that extra gravy and be stricken down to 120k status. So we need to lie low and stay off Reach until 1am your local time, AKA the reset point. This is when it sets itself to 0cR earned today. This means you can go at it some more :smiley:D

But until then. What do we do?
Well if you’ve got some old games you’d like to play. Play them.
Dishes piling up? Chores? I’m sure your family would love you even more if you came out of your room after your 6 hour revert mashing session and did something with them :smile:
Play some demos, After all, Christmas IS coming up and if you’re anything like me you haven’t a clue what you want really. So look at the marketplace and get some popular demos and try them out. You might be surprised:)
Get on 7S and write a tutorial or try to help people ( ha like I’m doing now… but I’m doing this between reverts)
Make a bet with yourself over how much cR you think you made today, make note of how much you have right now and then compare it to how much you have after 1am
Work on a new silver account and get it to inheritor… sell it to someone or give it away.
On an OFFLINE account go into forge mode and work on your sniper skills or strafing or something. If you’re like me you’re now using pretty much all the time you used to use in matchmaking boosting… so work on your skills so you aren’t a terrible inheritor :smile:
Some ideas would be to have a second controller and strafe around it. Use a rubber band and have it run in a straight line. Go into firefight with NORMAL settings with all Elites and practice sniping them or with the DMR or whatever. Play on NORMAL if you want to have a realistic view because on Heroic or legendary it takes more than just a headshot with the sniper to kill them… In FORGE you can use golf balls and mancannons to practice hitting moving objects at alternating speeds to work on your muscle movement.
Get online and talk to those “friends” you haven’t spoken to in years:)
Draw something.
Try to make some money.
Honestly the world is now your oyster. Until 1am. :smile:

Oh and for the record, once a Macro has started you can view other pages while it’s going, just be sure to wait a few seconds after clicking on it so it know what tab it needs to be working in. This is good for long macros when you’d rather be typing something or reading than watching a macro go by…

Credit goes towards ManiacTaylor from se7ensins for making the in-depth tutorial…



Credit goes towards creator of this video.

Personally, I’m too lazy to do this crap and I can’t be asked to do this at all to be honest. Also, I received this link from my friend, so I didn’t want to just post a link, so I posted the tutorial.

inb4 hate messages fly my way

Yeah i would never do this seems like a long process plus i don’t really care about my rank and im a Field Marshall.Do you think they will reset because if people can get millions of cr everyday it would take less than 2 weeks to get inheritor since inheritor is 18-20 million cr.
I hope people are prepared for the hammer if 343 decides to reset/ban them.

Who knows, I personally have no idea what 343 studios is going to do. They might banned them for two weeks or for life. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t bother going through such a long process for a rank.

EDIT: wouldn’t to couldn’t
lol im soo tired!!!

This is like the longest glitch ever… I will not be doing this…

Wow…thanks for ruining this for everyone.

How did I ruin this for everyone? I believe this was in the thread of the macro/farm boosting. Hence available resource. :wink:

This is actually so confusing…

This Is Old News.

yes. its extremely hard and difficult… really not worth it

Ruining this for everyone?
Weren’t you the one bragging about being able to do it?

Yea… didn’t ruin nothing. You came to a site claiming to do something that was public and was not releasing it - Someone found it and posted how to do it.

It wasnt public. Only a few knew how to do it. And now everyone will. Good job ruining this and im sure 343 will patch it. When things are suppose to be kept secret between a few people they should. You don’t see they jtag online method out and about do you? NO, thats because they dont want it to be ruined. I hope i find out your se7ensins name because this was only given to a few people.

Btw i was never going to release ths method to yo9u guys, xboxmb sucks ass and has the ****IEST layout in the world. Horizon is a piece of **** program that gets people banned and isn’t even worth the $5.


uMAD bruh? Funny you join this site to “Brag” you got a method, which other people find out and you get all pissed off at us now. haha.

Oh, and here you go:

L.O.L. Coming from the kid who is from 7s lolololoololol

Does 343 still just ban from earning credits? Or did they finally start banning accounts?

Who cares i doubt anyone is going to do this and this wasn’t private someone posted it on se7ensins.

You guys are idiots. I didnt make this account to brag. I’ve had this account for over a year. And there is a reason i only have < 70 posts. This site sucks. :smile:

I mean look at this site and try to compare it to se7ensins, even ttg. It’s embarrassing. And i feel really bad for you guys. And the layout looks like it was made by a child with down syndrome.

And this wasn’t posted on se7ensins, Custom Challenges Farming/Methods - Se7enSins Forums

" UPDATE : I am no longer handing out PMs for the bypass method. if you are going to send me a private message asking for it i will just avoid the PM. "

Never was posted and never will. The only reason this got out was because the OP decided to be a douche bag and post this method everywhere. It’s sad you can’t trust anyone these days.






piece of **** ****s