How to change profile IDs with more unique ones

[size=20]Well this is mainly for modded profiles and for people who try to put 2 accounts on their device and won’t let them since their IDs are the same

First you will need Horizon (duhh :laughing: ) and then you will also need Hadzz 3.0

Hadzz 3.0 can be downloaded here

You will also need an account with hadzz but i already made one here. I was going to make it XboxMB as the username but not sure if the owners of the site would like that so heres the info

username: aden

password: xboxmb

Dont bother changing the password since theres nothing more you can get since its a normal account

You will also need profile dummies which i will show you how to make using hadzz. very simple

[size=25]Okay lets get started

First you will need the profile you want to change the IDs for (obviously) and drag it into horizon. Then go to the Contents tab and look for the account. Right click on the Account file and save it to the desktop

Now you will need to make a dummy profile with better, more unique IDs. Open up Hadzz 3.0 and there will be a login tab. Login with the information i gave you.

I suggest making a folder called Unused Profiles on your Desktop.

Once you log in drag any profile you want into it. It doesn’t matter which one. Then go to the Profile Tools tab on the top and choose Hadzz GT Editor.

Now go to the Options tab and hit Randomize like so:

Once you’ve done that hit save and save it to that folder Unused Profiles if you made it.

It will save, Rehash, and Resign the profile and then it will randomize a new profile ID in hadzz.

Go ahead and keep hitting save and save about 5 or 6 profiles (or however many you want) so you have some extra’s next time you need to do this.

Now open one of the new profiles you just made into horizon

Once you d that go to the Contents tab again and go to where it says account. Right click and replace and you choose the account file you extracted earlier in the tutorial and replace it with that

Press the Save, Rehash, Resign button up top and you are done.

You have successfully changed the IDs of a profile with more unique ones :thumbsup:[/size]


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You can do this all in Horizon, just change the last character of the profile id to any number between 0-9 or letter A-F.

yeah but this is for more unique ids so you have a lot more profiles. and i put all my GoDs on discs so i have over 30+ profiles to use and just decided to make this for people who do the same. that way they dont have to go back to the computer to put another one on it :smile:

Can I do this with my friends profile? If I use the modded version to load dlc will he be able to use his normal profile?

eh but why have 30+ profiles?.. I mean Great tutorial very explanatory etc. just not really worth it… Ill stick with A-F and 0-9

hey there!
i tried changing the profile id with horizon but i cant change it!
i mean i just cant change any of the numbers or letters.
what should i do?

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