How To Change Your GamerTag w/o Recovering!

Saw someone trying to sell this, so I decided to post it. (I don’t believe this has been posted before, but if it has, let me know and I’ll junk it immediately.) I’m Rawr! from HF, I also posted it there. I did not leech it from there, all credits to me. :smile:

How To Change Your GamerTag w/ Games for Windows

To change your Gamertag, follow these steps:

  1. Start a Games for Windows - LIVE game.

  2. Do one of the following things:
    Press the Home key on your keyboard.
    Press the Guide button on the Xbox controller.
    Select LIVE from the game menu.

The Games for Windows - LIVE Guide will be displayed at the top of screen.
3. Sign in to the Games for Windows - LIVE client in the game.
4. Select the Gamertag.

  1. Select Edit Gamer Profile on the Gamer Profile page.

  2. Select Gamertag on the Edit Gamer Profile page to continue to the next page.

  3. If you have an insufficient Points balance to pay for the Gamertag change, you are prompted to Add Microsoft Points. Select Change Gamertag to continue.

  4. Enter a new Gamertag of up to 15 characters into the empty field, and then select Submit to continue.

If your Gamertag is unique, the change will be successful. If the Gamertag that you selected is already being used, you will be prompted to select another Gamertag.

Source: Games for Windows LIVE: How to change your gamertag through Games for Windows - LIVE

I doubt this will work, but ill test it O.o
"Family settings has blocked your profile from downloading premium content"
I have no family settings >_>

Can I have a link or something?

Is it a download or a webpage?

I can’t tell if you’re a troll or just stupid… it’s from the legitimate website, of course it’s going to work. This tutorial is so valuable because the option to change your Zune tag was taken out, and very few people knew about this.

I dont know about this no virus scan or nothing…

Wow and I just changed my Gamertag…

Did you even read???.. It’s a wesbite :laughing:

Do you need a controller for this? And do you need a full Windows Game?

can someone trusted change my GT ?

No ****, I’m none of the above, Why would windows let you change your gamer tag for free via pc, and make you spend 800 MSP on the xbox for it?

It’s not a website, it’s in a “Games for windows live” game, Because they come with a UI that lets you sign into xbox live, GTA:IV for example

you dont NEED the controller, but yes, you need a windows game for it

So can I just download the demo of a game?

Possibly, any game that lets you use games for windows live in it.
I had just cause 2 and it wouldn’t let me use it, so i’m not sure.

Will this work with banned accounts?

Wow for some reason windows live doesn’t let me sign into the games thing. It says I’m entering my password wrong and I even resetted my password and still.

You are using your email right?

oh lolderp
I think people are getting this mixed up
this IS NOT a way to change your gamertag for free, its simply a tutorial on how to change your gamertag via GFWL

Would like to know this aswell.

soooop what does this do?