How to check for updates!

So, in the current project that I’m working on, I decided to implement a method that would check for updates! I did not want to use any third party libraries nor did I want to use the ClickOnce project feature in Visual Studio. I do not own a website, so how I can I check what the most recent version of my application is? You could upload a text file with the version number to a file sharing site, download the string and compare, but every time you update the file the URL will change (to my knowledge). So this is what I did!

I created a website using Google Pages to be the home for my downloads but I also created a hidden page that has the most recent file version on it! Best part, when I edit the version number, the URL stays the same!

View The Gist Here

This is my function to check for a new version. It’s not the best way, and I know that for sure. But it’s how I tackled the problem that I was having during my development. That’s what programming is about! Solving problems!