How to check if your console is flagged for a ban!

So many of you guys may no this but some dont, im going to show you how to check if your console is flagged. This is old i no but not alot of people no. Credit goes to the xval devs.

Xval:MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

if you want a virus scan send me the link to the online link scanner thing

First you need to obtain your console serieal number to do so follow this:

1.)On your console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
2.)Select Console Settings.
3.)Select System Info,then the console serial number (should be 12 numbers) and the console ID are shown.

Next you need your X value to do this:

1.)On your console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
2.)Select Console Settings.
3.)Select System Info
4.)At the bottom you will see an X: then a bunch or numbers should be 16 but they are organized in the system settings

How to use Xval

Now im not going to enter my info but in the correct boxes for xval ill point out the obvious if you get something that looks like this as in “secdata is clean” then your good to go
the labels “there should be 12 and there should be 16” stand for the amount of numbers you should have


if you have a console being watched or flagged thanks to crook47 for the image this is what you should get

hope you stay safe guys beware Microsoft’s ban hammer

A lil something to keep in mind thanks Lolzorz

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i can provide a pic with a flag for AP 25 fail?

and is this xval 2.0?

Scared to check

Send it to me in a message please

@mudkip lol Check so you can clear from modding for a while

my dash wont load the ****?

there we go booting my flagged one atm gimme a sec

k thanks dam gyazo fails is there a replacement for it so i can re-upload the pics

yes and heres my image

What does it take to get a console ban other than jtag. If im correct (by all means correct me if im wrong) When you mod a profile like acheivments and gamerscore if caught they will only ban or reset that particular profile but not the console its linked too?

you wont get console banned for that but flashed xboxes will if your not smart about it

I have a non-jtag Slim but my profile has some achivements modded and i have a vast collection of downloaded GOD sum mine most not playing GOD thats not mine but downloaded from this site on xbox live with my profile will it get me flagged goes with the thread to know if i should check or not to see if im flagged

there have been no reported flaggings/console bans for the GOD glitch just perma account ban you should be fine just use this program to find out and be sure to add the dashes in the X val text box

ok thread is updated with the images thanks crook47 :smile:

NP ill boot up the jtag and get you a banned one :smile:

sweet post it here or on my wall

LOL my jtag is clean ha ha srry :anguished:

its prolly because i reflashed this KV and i havent connected to live to get the ban message one sec ill try that then see if my x val changes

Nice I’m Clean, Glad I checked.

lol na man its ok dont risk anything :stuck_out_tongue: