How To: Check If Your Xbox 360 Is Clean

This how you check to see if your xbox 360 will or will not be banned in the next ban wave before the new dashboard comes out.

*This will tell you if your Xbox is flagged or not.

  1. Download XVal - Click Here

  2. Open XVal

  3. Turn on your 360

  4. From the Xbox 360 dashboard:
    My Xbox, System Settings, Console Settings, System Info.

(This can be done online or offline, which ever you desire)

The Console Serial Number is at the top and the X value is the 16 digit code at the bottom right.

If it says Clean, then you’re fine.

My console has been flagged for sure and it says its clean. Lol

Im pretty sure im good cuz i dont have a flashed xbox or anything like that all i have is usb modz

I’m pretty sure I’m also clean, I have never Jtagged, used a flashed xbox, hotswapped, or anything along those lines.

I cohost lobbies and transfer cable mod, that’s it.

I’m checking this out tonite

Im clean.

I’m Clean.

Well since I have a flashed xbox I’m auto-fecked.

Clean, no aids or nothing

well i downloaded and it says its a trojan lol

It comes up as one, it’s clean.

I got decryption error.

we’ll im ****ed,

it came up as trojan for me too

You didn’t copy the x:39258032902801 ****.

Checking mine right now as soon as my xbox updates >_> ill edit this if i’m clean or not :smiley:

i’m clean.

i think this is fake, this guy is probably takn all of are serials??

Then i’m not putting in my console id :confused:

thats wht i mean, takn all of our ****, is this possible to make kv or something from, jw

What could he do with the serials?