How To Check if Your Xbox is Going To Get Banned/secdata

OK hi XboxMb Users Today im going to show you how to check if your Xbox 360 is Going to get banned ok the things You Are Going to need Will Be Down Below.

Download :
Xval Download

Things You Will Need
Console Serial Number
Xval Number

1. Your Going To Go on Your Xbox 360 and Go My Xbox> System Settings> Console Settings> System Info. And the Console Serial is The first one their Ex:0090723030XX
The Xval is All the way at the bottom far right Ex: X: F299-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

2. Download Xval and the program should look like this

Now What you Are want to do is take Ur serial and xval but it in the program like so

after you Do that Hit Decrypt.

3. Final Step if it Say Secdata is Cleanlike the picture below then ur not getting banned :thumbsup: 4 you

But if it Says any thing Besides Clean then you are getting banned u need :interrobang: dont :cry:
you can get another 1


I wanna know how he managed to do this!

I saw this in lupo video.



So i made my own tut

Wow that looks pretty sweet

thats sick

lol i dont need this my xbox should be fine but just incase ill check

i dont touch my 360 all i do is usb mod so my xbox should be fine

what if it says incorrect does that mean im getting banned

also how would i get banned if i never touched my 360?
all i do is usb mod



I’m trying this!

Worked good for me I have 4 xboxs my banned 1 came up flagged and banned my other flashed 1 came up clean(i play all my burnt games offline) my MW2 xbox and Halo reach box came up secdata clean Sweet:thumbsup:

Sorry TEKz for posting an easier version :stuck_out_tongue:

Already posted here:

No Not Really U Fail :stuck_out_tongue: :P:P:P:P


usb modding is still modding, usb modding could still affect ONLINE gameplay giving you advantages, any modding is not safe ( unless it is offline )

This would of been good for me like 5 months ago

My console is offline and flagged with “Failed AP25 challenge”. It was never connected to the internet in its life, so I know there is nothing flagged server side. I want to know how I could revert the Nand to previous state. I have never made a nand backup before, but I have read somewhere that there are always multiple instances of the nand stored. I obviously already have the new kinect dash installed. I found this tut here: How To Uncripple A Banned 360 (not Unban!) - Scenyx Entertainment Community about reading/flashing the NAND. Will this tut still work for the new kinect dash? Since it’s only a flag that I am trying to revert, I assume I don’t need CPU key, DVD keys, or any of the more advanced JTAG stuff. Hopefully someone fluent in xbox NANDs can shed some light. Question: if I attempted to boot an AP2.5 game twice, does that write to my secdata twice? So would I need to zero fill the two latest secdata timestamp regions in hex? Or does it only flag once, even after repeated attempts of loading an AP2.5 game? TIA

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