How to clean a Keyboard with spilt and dried fizzy drink on it?

So about a year ago I got a new Keyboard, the Logitech G910. After only about a month of use I was stupid enough to spill a pint full of Dr. Pepper all over it, I don’t even drink any sort of fizzy drink anymore, I got tired of feeling like ■■■■ with all that sugar, but none the less. At the time I was really pissed and couldn’t be arsed to clean it, so I just sat it upside down for a while to let it drain, then packed it back into its box. Now (about a year later) I want to use it again, but all the keys are covered in dry sugary gunk, and feel horrible. I made one attempt to try and clean it with some Q-Tips dipped in water around the key switches, which helped for about 30 mins before they dried again and were once again sticky. So ever since this happened I’ve been using my old faithful Corsair K95. But like I said, I wish to use my G910 once again.

And so I ask you, what is the best way to go about cleaning it? I’ve done a bit of searching, but some places say I should take the whole thing apart and clean every bit individually, some say submerge it in water/rubbing alcohol for a period of time, some say put it in the Dishwasher with heated drying turned off, and I’ve even seen a few say I should completely dismantle the whole thing, meaning I would have to re-solder everything to get it back together. So I’m really not sure what the best coarse of action is.

Like I said, its a Logitech G910 if that matters. and its been like this for about a year now. Have I left it too late? Should I just get a new one? Or is this salvageable?

Thank you in advanced for any help!

Do the keys pop off? I would remove them one by one, and clean them with a hot soapy water solution. If you actually dumped a full pint on it then it’s probably all over the insides. If it was mine I would take the entire thing apart and clean it up the best I could.

Yea the keys pop off, and yea it was like 3/4 of a pint went all over it if I remember correctly, like I said it was like a year ago now. Thanks for the advice! Also, I remember you from Xbox MB/Horizon MB, I used to be Jay Gatsby there, hadn’t used it in like 2 years just came back today to ask this and found you’ve moved to WEMOD, took me a bit to figure out where everything was, but I really like the new design.

Run under water and let dry. Works great for my corsair, once spilt a NOS on it and then just rinsed it off.

No, never use regular tap water or soap to clean electronics. Take the whole thing apart and use either distilled water or isopropyl (“rubbing”) alcohol.

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Tap water can contain chemicals and such that can stay after the water has dried out. Soap will leave residue that can be harmful. Washing detergents can break down plastic and rubber

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Chemicals in tap water Chlorine. Fluorine compounds. Trihalomethanes (THMs) Salts of: arsenic. radium. aluminium. copper. lead. mercury. cadmium. barium. Hormones. Nitrates. Pesticides.

You can google each to see their effects. They are added to clean the water from diseases and stuff.

Sources: Source1 Sources with same info: Source2 Source3

I have spilled I think three drinks on my desk before and one time it got in my keyboard. I just opened it up and cleaned it all out with rubbing alcohol by hand. No damage was done, I just didn’t want that ■■■■ in there.