How to connect device directely at Horizon?

i’m french, sorry for my bad english :smile:

I want connect my device at Horizon but the logiciel says:

“[…] Horizon as an administrator”

I need a post special?

How i can make it?

And Seeyousoon

The french, your friends

It’s super if you find the resolution :smile:

Exécutez le programme en tant qu’administrateur

C’est ce que j’ai fais…
Celà n’a rien donné…

Toujours rien

I need help


Take screenshots or something. I have no idea what you mean.

From my point of view your trying to find your device in Horizon, but it is telling you to run as a administator.

Try doing this…

First, Right-Click the Horizon Icon…

This should show…

Once that has shown click the button / label called “Run as Adminstrator”.

De mon point de vue que vous essayez de trouver votre appareil dans Horizon, mais il vous dit de fonctionner comme un administator.

Essayez de faire cela …

Tout d’abord, un clic droit sur ​​l’icône Horizon …

Cela devrait montrer …

Une fois qui a montré cliquez sur le bouton / label appelé “Exécuter en tant Adminstrator”.

Note: I won’t talk in French next time, next time please use Google Translate.

Note: Je ne vais pas parler la prochaine fois en français, s’il vous plaît utiliser la prochaine fois Google Translate.

Also, whist I’m here may I remind everyone…

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Yes, but before i make it this.
And i can’t!

This is a screen in the next message!

I believe you now mean the User Account Control, I was going to add that into my other post but I couldn’t get a image so I left it out.

Just click “Yes” and Horizon should open and your device should be found.

This is the wrong:
Visionneuse images - Noelshack

And my direction when i want connect the device:
Visionneuse images - Noelshack

Clic on the pictures for big plan…

i haven’got any cables for found the device, is problematic?

Did you do as I said and run Horizon as a admin?

If not, do it now.

If you did, try putting your HDD / USB in a different socket on your computer.

No, i run Horizon in admin.
But how connect my device to my computer?

Yeah you’d need something in your computer…

Move your profile to a USB memory stick or something.

If Horizon is not picking up your USB plugged into your computer trying plugging it in somewhere else apart from that socket.

For example, if your USB is plugged into the right side of your computer, try it in the left side.

You should be connecting your device to your computer with a USB cable correct? Run Horizon as an Admin. If it doesn’t show your device then, go to the control panel and allow Horizon through your firewall.

Ok i will try tommorow because in France it’s too late :smile: 2h00

Thanks you Influence and Smiffy good night and good game.

The frenche, your friends…

I want to know why he says from the French, your friends. Like he thinks we think they’re evil or something lol.

No problem, PM me tomorrow when you get on seeing as i’ll be away and i’ll be checking my PM’s every so often. :smile:

If you need any other help you can also PM me. :smile: