How to connect new xbox 250gb harddrive to pc?

I looked around on the forum and couldn’t find anything.
How do you connect the new slim xbox 250 gb to computer?

You can use a sata and connect it that way I believe. or you can take it out and put it in an older case.

Ill edit when I find a tut

take apart an old Xbox 360 HDD get the connector out of it and hook that to your 250gb hdd and then the other end connect to your transfer cable

What program should I use?

any xbox 360 HDD program :wink:

Just get a flash drive for like $5. Super easy.

I would suggest using CLK’s Party Buffalo

You can check out this thread which has more info on party buffalo. And if you still need help actually swapping the hdd let me know.

Any program because it’s the exact same file system as the other Xbox 360 Hard Drives.

That’s not what he’s asking for…

Thanks alot guys!
I have an old hdd but I am going to wait and buy a used one.

Here is your answer YouTube - How To Connect A Xbox 360 Slim HDD To A PC

The problem appears to have been solved. If not post on my wall or PM me and I will reopen this.


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