How to convert PC saves to Xbox?

I know how to convert Xbox to PC but when I tried replaceing the .dat with the .exs it didn’t work.
What do?

You can’t just rename the file. You start with your .exs xbox file. Then extract from that file a file named savegame.dat. That’s the file that you rename to .ess. You copy the renamed file to your pc game directory for skyrim saves. Play and modify with console commands as you desire. Replace the original .dat file with the modified file. Save/rehash/resign and go. Without knowing what program you are using to try to extract it I can’t give you step by step instructions for the program, but I’d recommend Horizon.

After you put your Xbox on your computer, you have to extract the savegame.dat from the file. Then all you have to do is rename it to savegame.ess and put it into the Skyrim save directory.

Or just follow this thread with steps already posted:


Thanks that helps alot.