How To Create Your own Modded WaW SVG!


Files You Need


CoD Tool

CoD WaW SVG Gamesave To Swap ID’s and To Inject

Okay, first open your svg on cod tool and click the advanced tab, now click yes on the message and then type the following codes into the correct box.

Setting: activeaction
Value: bind BUTTON_START vstr mod1;bind BUTTON_BACK vstr mod2

Setting: mod1
Value: noclip;say ^Chow Runs This Shiz;give all;vstr activeaction

Setting: mod2
Value: god;give ray_gun;name Gamertag Here;vstr activeaction

Now save the file and Drag svg onto horizon rehash and resign now replace IDs only if you used my svg at the top. Plug USB in xbox and COPY the modded save onto the HDD now start W@W and Resume Campaign and as soon as the mission starts Press the X guide button on your remote, now hit it again. Click “Save and Quit”. When at the main screen go to zombies and find match! You have created your own bind SVG!


START: Noclip & Give all
SELECT: GodMode & Give Ray Gun

If you want you can edit the dvars with the codes below.

DPAD Bind Mods

“god” (Invincible, Unable To Die.)
“noclip” (it will enable you to fly)
“demigod” (not god mode but harder to kill)
“give ammo” (gives ammo for all guns you have)
“give all” (gives all weapons)
“give ray_gun” (gives ray gun)
“give tesla_gun” (gives wonder waffle)
“give m2_flamethrower_zombie” (gives flamethrower)
“give zombie_mg42” (give mg42)
“give zombire_30cal” (gives 30 cal)
“gives zombie_ppsh” (gives ppsh)
“give zombie_stg44” (gives stg44)
“give zombie_thompson” (gives thompson)
“give colt” (gives colt)


bind BUTTON_RTRIG – Right Trigger
bind BUTTON_LTRIG – Left Trigger

bind BUTTON_RSHLDR – Right Bumper
bind BUTTON_LSHLDR – Left Bumper

bind BUTTON_RSTICK – Right Stick
bind BUTTON_LSTICK – Left Stick

bind BUTTON_A – A Button
bind BUTTON_B – B Button
bind BUTTON_X – X Button
bind BUTTON_Y – Y Button

bind DPAD_UP - Dpad Up
bind DPAD_DOWN - Dpad Down
bind DPAD_LEFT - Dpad Left
bind DPAD_RIGHT - Dpad Right

Effects Entire Lobby (Must Be Host)

set ai_accuracyDistScale "10000"
set player_meleeDamageMultiplier "0"
set bg_fallDamageMaxHeight "9999"
set bg_fallDamageMinHeight "9998"
set dog_MeleeDamage "0"
set phys_gravity "99"
set cg_laserForceOn "1"
set player_bayonetRange "1000"
set player_swimDamage "0"
set player_breath_hold_time "30"
set player_swimTime "1000"
set Revive_Trigger_Radius "99999"
set bullet_penetrationEnabled "1"
set g_banzai_max_target_distance "0"
set player_reviveXP "50"
set magic_chest_movable "0"
zombiemode "1"
set cg_ScoresColor_Player_0 "0 0 0 1"
set cg_ScoresColor_Player_1 "1 0 0 0"
set cg_ScoresColor_Player_2 "0 1 0 0"
set cg_ScoresColor_Player_3 "0 0 1 0"
set cg_ScoresColor_Transparency "1"
set cg_ScoresColor_Zombie "0 0 0 1"
set cg_ScoresColor_TransparencyZombie "1"
set cg_ScoresColor_Gamertag_0 "1 1 1 1"
set cg_ScoresColor_Gamertag_1 "1 0 0 0"
set cg_ScoresColor_Gamertag_2 "0 1 0 0"
set cg_ScoresColor_Gamertag_3 "0 0 1 0"
set cg_thirdPerson "0"
set player_lastStandBleedoutTime "90"
set developeruser "1"
set Ui_optionsEnabled "1"
set party_host "1"
set party_iamhost "1"
set sv_saveGameAvailable "1"
set sv_saveOnStartMap "1"
set sv_saveDeviceAvailable "1"
set arcademode "1"
set zombie_cheat “3”

Perks (Effects Entire Lobby)

set perk_weapRateMultiplier ".01"
set perk_weapReloadMultiplier ".01"
set perk_altMeleeLerpTime "10"
set perk_altMeleeDamage “10000”

The Rest are Patched. Please Thank the Post! :wink:


No problem. If need help on anything PM me.

So this is to make our own… Now, does it still work on WaW? Cuz when I tried doing it month ago it stopped working.

May I ask you why you still use Modio?

Oops, my bad. I posted this on game-tuts.

No, still works.

can u post up some pics plz?

This is so ****ing old. Quit gravedigging dude. Look on youtube, there are so many videos. My 8 year old brother can figure this out.

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