How to derank anyone In Black Ops

-A Friend/Victim
-Level 50 in Combat training

1)Invite your friend/victim to a player match and Xbox Live Party
2)Tell him to go to his PlaryerCard>Leaderboards>S&D
3)Tell him to hit Y to change filter
4)You change the Lobby to Combat Training
5)Tell your victim to open up the xbox live party and click on your profile then view CoD PlayerCard
6)Tell him to keep pressing B until he gets to his PlayerCard and go down to Prestige Mode
7)Tell him to go through all of the steps EXCEPT “ENTER PRESTIGE”
:sunglasses:Change to Player Match and tell him to Enter Prestige
9)Laugh as your victim cries because they are deranked:lol:

P.S. Enjoy the glitch:thumbsup:

Seen it like all your other post… :stuck_out_tongue:
Alough the one before this one is new, just thought id say that :smile:

i searched it and didnt find anything, thanks alot

Naa its cool thanks for your finding cause some people probally havent seen it :smiley:

Nicee ill try this on my one friend, i’ll be funny!

Once i get my dazzle or if i borrow my friends ill show you how. Lol


It deranks there level or prestige and everything?

Just the prestiege they are at


then this is an no de-rank.

Does it derank their combat training rank or online rank?


Could you reverse this, and somehow reset your combat training rank? I’m a 15th and I hate it D:

No, you are not able to=\

shuda thought of it before you did it.

This is just the old prestige glitch Treyarch made it to where if someone attempted to use the prestige glitch it would de-rank them as a punishment.

Omg stop posting old threads there just copy and pasted of s7 too.

Ok it may be on s7 but its not yet on XboxMB. SO STFU. I like this thread!

If some ■■■■■■■ did this to a lvl 50 15 Prestige (Like me) the level of pissed off-ness would most likely evolve into a volcanic explosion that would destroy there home. Just sayin…

How about you shut the **** up, It was posted when the prestige glitch was first out you ****tard. Its a old post. GTFO Skid.