How to Download full games on JTAG? :D

hey everyone! :smiley: do someone know how to download a full xbox 360 game on a JTAG? like if i want to have Mw2 how do i download it? :stuck_out_tongue: u will get a thanks for replying how to. thx :smile:

you get the game and install it to your hard drive and then use freeboot to boot it up

its xexmenu and you gotta install it through xexmenu

but if i dont have the game, can i still download it and play it?

You don’t use FreeBOOT to boot the game up.

There’s two ways what I know of. You can either use XeXmenu and install the game via DVD if you bought the game or if you have the iso you can extract all the files and transfer them to your jtag and play it that way.

that’s what i wanted to hear :smile: how do i get an iso? srry if im annoying but u’lll get a thanks if u post :stuck_out_tongue: maybe a cookie also. xD

You download it…?
Then extract using Wx360.

You can either download it or install it via XeX Menu. You can download it on any major torrent sites or a good site for games is, “www.Xbox360ISO”.

Once you have the game downloaded, you have to extract the iso, you can do that using the program, wx360.

Once its extracted you can send the file over to your Jtags HDD using FileZilla.

I hope I helped. If you have any other questions PM, I’d be glad to help.