How to download minecraft worlds? and skins

i need help on downloading worlds and skins! any help would be awsome

For downloading worlds, you just get the bin file from the website you’re downloading. Then inject the bin file in your USB using Horizon. A dialog box will open asking you which profile to choose. Them you choose your profile and done. Put your USB in your Xbox. After that, just launch Minecraft and choose storage device as USB. Then you should be able to find your downloaded map in the list of your worlds.

For skins, you can’t get all of them for free. Some of them have to be paid for and some skin packs are free like the Birthday Skin Pack.

Dont worry its pretty easy but you have get jtag first download horizon the make sure you have a usb and have minecraft in games one more thing have a profile in k now pick a world or skin pack just drag the file into horizon the put your usb in the xbox then you have but make sure its not xbox but it has to be jtag xbox ok ther you have it :smile:

A Jtag is not needed to get Minecraft maps. Get your facts straight buddy.