How to Edit Minecraft Game GUI (Tut + Pics)

Hello everyone; I was really bored today and decided to edit a few things on Minecraft. Such as the graphics for single player, and multi player.

This tutorial will be based on editing the GUI in the game. Examples of the GUI would be the inventory,crafting,background,etc.

Editing the GUI
  1. Start > Run. Type “%appdata%”. (Without quotes)

  1. Click “.Minecraft”

  1. Hit “Bin”

  1. Right Click on .Minecraft.jar > Open with > WINRAR

  1. Click “GUI”


  1. Double Click on any of the images and choose one you want to edit.

  1. Edit it Photoshop, or Gimp. (Recommended)

Few Images…

This is pretty cool. Didn’t know you could do this.

Nice tut!

Cool ! I might try it myself.

You can also grab the animal images and put them on your character using MCSkin Editor.

Thats pretty cool, I am definitely trying this out fo sho :thumbsup: