How to extract SVG (save files) from your xbox games with horizon



dont hate on my voice, its the mic :smiley:

This really doesn’t need a tutorial. It is a series of button clicks.

EDIT: However, I could see you doing more advanced tutorials.

You voice is pretty high, but clear. You sound “enthusiastic”.

Thanks for this! I followed it with no confusion!
edit: you fixed it yay :smiley: lol
edit 2: hahahaha I just listened to it lul.

Are you 11?

But good tutorial.

im 15 but my voice sounds really wierd on telephone/mike :smiley:

Nice tutorial, this can help some people out there :wink:

EDIT: I heard your tutorial, not really hating but my dog has a deeper voice.

Are you sure you are 15? It really doesn’t matter what age you are, we really don’t care. You sound around 10-11, and the microphone can’t do that without editing.

Your mic has a chipmunk setting?

In all seriousness, good tut :smiley:

ok im 13 whatever.


yer :anguished:

Good tutorial, really enjoyed it :smile:

I watched your other video and have one question: Why would you need to use another program to extract .gpds when Horizon can by going to the contents tab.

i didnt know :anguished: i will update it soon.

btw does anyone know how to put utube videos directly in thread?
i did it once but now i cant do it again :C

[m*]YourLink[/m*] without the **

thats what i did if you look at my first post

It’s very simple to extract savegames… Most of us aren’t new to modding

you vid link is messed up lol.

Telling the truth is best.

If you lie we will come and kill you. LOL JK but really.

None of my gamesaves show up on my USB stick :confused:

My original account of 4 years has just been banned because of some MODS with Horizon while I was on Holiday :anguished: Lost over 300 quids worth of downloads, my GOLD account (10 days old) and 2000 MS Points :confused:

I need to grab my saves from that account, whats the best way to do it?