How to Find Gamer Picture Title ID's

1st. Go to Gamer

2nd. Choose the gamer picture you would like and open it in a new tab.

3rd. Copy the id here from here

4th. Paste this in to horizon search ,wait ,save and set as your gamerpic and enjoy.

This is on Chrome.

Awesome thread, maybe now we’ll see less confused people when it comes to getting gamer pictures.

Also i wanted to point out a nifty little trick i picked up a couple weeks ago when i tried to look for a certain gamerpic. I saw a random’s gamerpic on his profile, asked him where he got it but he didn’t reply. So i decided to sign in on, clicked on his profile and compared achievements (that is where his gamerpic came up) then i saved the image and did a reverse image search on Google. 99% of the time, it will link you to the gamerpic from the main website in the OP above. Then you can see which package it came from and use the title id to search for it on Horizon.

You used to be able to c & p the title id directly from by right clicking on it and looking up properties- but Microsoft must have changed out the urls because you cant find the title id on the link anymore- i could be wrong but that’s what it seems like now.

Btw- this is the gamerpic that i was lookin for earlier which was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS. Some gamerpics aren’t tagged on the website so my mini tutorial above should come in handy as a just-in-case thing.

wow thx for this great thread, i have search it a long time , now i am happy :thumbsup:

Thanks, 4uvak :thumbsup:

can somebody explain it in dutch

You can always try to use a translator.

Most people here speak English, idk if you will find any people that can speak dutch.

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Oddly enough doesn’t seem to work. I get the same t.444d07da (example) for every gamer pic I open in chrome use open image in new tab? any idea why

You can also right-click on the gamerpic and inspect element.