How to Fix BF3 Problems "Beta"

This is how you connect online on the beta for all them that don’t know how to do it =D

So your getting a message saying Can’t connect to Ea servers?

All you have to do is!

  • active your account on the Ea servers press Right on the D-pad should come up with News Feed or something

Battlelog / Sign in to the Open Beta

  • then their website should come up

-then type that in and link your account

-then that will allow you to connect online so you can play

This is simple =D


Thanks for sharing mate! < 3
Even though im “only” downloading the beta at the moment :smiley:
Will use this later then :smile:


yea still doesnt work for me, when i press right on the d-pad it says ‘youre battlefeed is empty, get some freinds and start playing!’

EDIT: doesnt matter i got it working.

Anyone know where I can buy a 48 Hour Trial?
Let me know please!

ebays the way to go

So has this Helped anyone? or did you Find this out yourself? because BF3 Beta testers didn’t ever know… lol =D and how to fix it…

What do I do once on

All it shows is a login screen.

this should be on the front page

it says that my account isn’t allowed to login in. Does this work with the copy i downloaded fromhere?

yes this should work i got my Beta from the diamond section and i found this out when i was just looking because i could not connect online so i was thinking hmmmm… i will find a way to get online even if it takes me 2 years :wink: in the first 5mins i found it lol…

But yes is your account linked with a Ea account like have you played fifa 11 or something and it says you need to link the account with your email… just use the same email you linked that with on you BF3… =D

If this Worked and you found this little but very effective information then just Post saying something like “Thanks for the Share” or something that is on that line…

UMMM okay i signed in on the webstie and im sure my account is linked from like ncaa but when i load the beta and hit right on the d-pad its says connected loading feed and im still getting the connection with ea was lost im way to confused.

also at site when i hit join server it says please select a pc soldier from the top menu and i dont see where to do that

same here just got finished dling the beta and i havent seen anything in the battle feed and the site is doing the select a pc soldier thing. i think the servers might be down or something

My Battle Feed wont even load…

They are down :I.

Ugh they need to fix it…

Servers are f*cked…

Just wait until we will be able to log in.

This is what mine says:

Just let them do there job and fix it.

It still sucks.

im logged in but cant do anything else. guess ill just wait till tonight to try and play.

you allowed to play as a party for the beta? been in some that you cant


Straight from their twitter 5 hours ago.

We’re having some technical difficulties on the 360 - working to fix it. Stand by!


No offense but nooooo way.

This is about a beta… It won’t be open long what’s the point of a sticky people posting on this will just bump it