How To Fix The 'open Tray' Error

[size=20]Ok, Some of you may have gotten the “Open Tray Error” on your xbox 360 (I have gotten it four times)

What the Open Tray error is!
The open tray error is where your xbox wont read any disk’s and will just say open tray!

Well,Here are some ways to fix it,And a way to even prevent it!

1)The way i did. Open and Close the drive about 30 times,until it reads the disk.(I know,it may take a little bit of time,but oh well!)

2)When you put the disk in,Take your controller and tap over the drive repeatedly and it should read.(DONT TAP IT TOO HARD,JUST LIGHTLY AND FAST!)


3)You can open up your 360 and clean out the drive.(Be careful,Watch some tuts on youtube if you have to!)

4)I dont reccomend this,but if all else fails, Send it in to M$ :anguished: Try all the above first!!

Sometimes deleting your system cache and then restarting the xbox can sort it, it fixes mine anyway…

I’ve opened my Two Xboxs and tightened the screws. Worked both times.

hey dude nice copy and paste off of me from 360general…

I wouldnt try all of the above first unless you use the method to not ruining your warranty sticker, let MS know first, and if they are being a b**** about it then try and fix it yourself

I dont reccomend this,but if all else fails, Send it in to M$ :anguished: Try all the above first!!

Did you just suggest to open it up, then send it to MS?

Wow I was thinking the same thing.

If I get this error, I turn off my Xbox and turn it back on. Works every time.

  1. Take the disk out

  2. Slam the disk tray shut(Without breaking it)

  3. Turn off xbox and when you turn it back on it should work

This worked for me and a few friends to try it for urself and let me kno if it works

Just saying, the last way isn’t necessarily a permanent fix.
If you actually have a problem with the drive, you will need to buy a new drive, and swap them.

Nice Tutorial…

Wish you posted this a few months back when I Had this problem with my old Xbox