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How To Fix Version Guard Not Installing Or Enabling [GUIDE]

If you have trouble with your version guard not responding and you see in your task manager under details that Version Guard is suspended or not responding… Easy solution.

  1. a) Go to your steam folder. C:/Steam->SteamApps -> common
    1.b) D:/ or E/ folder -> Steam -> SteamApps -> Common

2.a) Open each game folder you’ve use in wemod. ( check what games are under install in WeMod App)
2b) Highlight at least enough so it says Open in new window. Then go through and delete any version.guard folders you see inside the game folders.

3.Find a easy Force Uninstall App and Uninstall the WeMod App. I Suggest geek app.

  1. Go to WeMod website and download the new copy of WeMod, Install, Install Version Guard.

All Done.

Cheers to @frank for suggesting this idea.

Fix is working thx

No worries mate