How to Flash New Dash through xell only?

I need help I don’t know how to flash through xell can someone help me or point me in the right direction. :smile:

Does anybody try to help

Flash what your nand?
First what you have to do is put your nand backup onto the USB root.The backup should be named “updflash.bin” without the quotation marks.

Then plug it into the 360 and press the eject button.Xell will do everything else!Once xell finishes it’s magic it tells you to do a power cycle(just unplug all the cords from it including HDD)Wait about 2-5 minutes and turn the sucker back on and it will work like nothing happened!

Exactly what I was going to say, but 2-5 minutes? I always wait 30 seconds whenever I flash my NAND…

can you help me on that? Please I have a nand from when i flash 12611 but someone said I need to flash 12625 do I HAVE to or what?

Ok I have a Nand Backup from when I flashed the 12611 dash will that work?

From when you flashed 12611? Tell me if it’s the 12611 or the 9199. And if you have the original NAND, from before 9199, that would be even better. Also tell me what motherboard you have.

Its ok I made a 12611 image and flashed that and its fixed now ^.^ thanks for you help either way

Alright, and use the button for saying thanks plz. :smiley: