How to get a custom gamerpicture!

Hey everyone, since theres a few threads every now and again about a custom gamerpicture, and I [seem] to have found a way to get it to work… I decided I’d make a guide on it before some leech beats me to the punch.

So first, let’s cover what you’ll need-
-Xbox LIVE Vision Camera
-USB/Memory Device
-64x64 and 32x32 .png of your desired new picture

And before you go *****ing [to/at] me for lying and that this doesn’t work and blah blah, note this is the equivalent of a personal picture - only your friends can see it. It’s literally only one step up from the old way - where only you could see it. I have a few theories I’m going to try later but I cbf for now.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s start.

At the xbox:

  1. Take a personal picture and let it sync.
  2. move your profile to your USB/Memory device that you can freely disconnect the memory device…
  3. use your xbox live vision cam to take a personal picture as you normally would
  4. once you get to the part where you hit accept picture, go to your xbox, and get ready to take out your memory device.
  5. press accept, and quickly take out your USB/MD.
  6. Stay signed in. Disregard the PLEASE REPLACE MU ;~; message.

At the computer:

  1. Open horizon, and open your profile in package manager.
  2. Go to the “contents” tab.
  3. replace pp_64 and pp_32 with your own files you hopefully prepared earlier.
  4. Rehash, resign, and go back to your xbox.

At the xbox again!:

  1. Sign back in. Right away you should see your own picture being displayed on the sign in menu.
  2. Go to edit profile -> gamerpicture -> Personal Picture.
  3. Pick the modded picture.

    The gamerpicture on that tag is from my sig…
    The source:

    And you should be set! Pictures / video coming soon-ish (this weekend, perhaps?)


Working as of 12/21/11

I might get around to doing this later tonight thanks Rhyme i wuv u.

Got it.

Whats the gamertag / upload your 64 and 32 images.

i wish i had a vision camera !

Got it.

im assuming if i put something naughty ill get banned?

I remember way back when some guy made videos of him trolling people with a Nazi Flag as his gamerpicture and he got banned, IIRC.

Right you are.

@Neko Jims: I’ve got no real idea as to what’s going wrong, maybe the timings a bit ****ed or something? Try to do it faster or slower… If you get fed up with it I [could] just recover it and do it for you, but…

the swastika is a symbol of peace in many cultures the fact that they ban for that is preposterous yet again it could of been the time when they didnt let you express religion but you can now so who knows what would happen now

OT: i could have some fun with this if only i had a vision cam how much are they these days??


Anyways, I’ll try it a few more times. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll ask you to recover it if you don’t mind.

Like I said, it was the Nazi Flag, not just a Swastika. There is a difference.

keep in mind it takes a bit for the gamerpic to change on live you wont notice the change right away maybe 5 minutes give or take a few

Sorry about the typo </3

And yeah i’ll do it in the morning along with xxbilxx or something like that.

like $20.

I’ve heard worse…much worse.

Quick question, when I’m signed into said account, and I hit the Guide Button, should the gamerpic be blank?

and if the person your “recovering” has trust issues they can always get the account off the hdd and upload it then no passwords are being thrown around thats how i do it with people

Provided the USB should be removed from your console, it won’t load your old gamerpicture, or anything on your profile - so it should all be blank.

I’m talking about after I’ve modded the picture and put it back on my USB and sign back into XBL on it.

then no. :anguished:

I finally got it! I needed to wait longer after accepting the pic. Thank you, good sir. I also used Paint instead of Photoshop and used the same pics from the profile instead of brand new pics. Don’t know if those affected the outcome or not. If you want to record the Xbox portion of the tutorial in HD and don’t have the equipment, I would be more than happy to do it and send you the Raw footage, as long as I can do this again so I don’t end up messing up.

Great to hear.

<3 glad it works for everyone.