How to get a new xbox 360

First call Xbox…

When you get on the phone with someone say your xbox made a weird noise, then stopped, the screen froze and u saw a spark and then your console started on fire. say it was a smaller fire though.

Then they will ask for your account info, when they ask for your serial number say all of them got burnt, or just say your whole 360 is pretty much trash.

then they will send you to someone else i dont even know what she said, but they are more support. They will asked when it happend say today, and say it was on a metal or some platform but only the xbox and platform were damaged and noone else or nothing was thats why you did not call 911. (They will ask if u called 911). When they ask for your age make sure u say 18. Or if your scared say your real age and have a friend act 18. I said my real age so i had my bro act 18.

They may ask diff questions then they asked me so just use common sense. :smile:
(This works as of 10/16/10)

if i left anything out ill come and edit it other wise good luck:) NOTE: Be patient. :thumbsup:

This sounds really stupid…

lmao this worked for you haha!

Why? It works.

OMG I’m calling them asap!

He says it works.
If it does, it’s worth a try. It’s not like you can get in trouble for this.

its fraud dumbass


Ehhhhh, how bout no?
There’s nothing against this.
If you can’t get in trouble for the other things, like getting free HDD’s and Adapters, then you can’t get in trouble for this. It’s the same concept.

YUP you all can try it. Id rather just buy a new one.

Or the people without the extra money for that, can trick Microsoft.
I personally do not have much cash for another xbox, so I might try this.

That is why i did this, i am not very fortuniate… so yah

Actually you can get in trouble for this. Adapters are less than $50, anything under $50 is a misdemeanor most giant companies wont do anything about it (at least thats how it works here in Texas). If you get a free 250gb HDD ($100?) or a brand new 360 ($200-$400) and they catch on they will send the cops to your house, they will bust you for theft, fraud, and larceny and then you will get to visit jail.

I really dont recommend this. Don’t be stupid.

Lol i didnt think of that

Social Engineering isn’t a crime. I would consider it more as using your knowledge to benefit yourself.

lol, well idk how you would get caught.

The most they could do is ban you.
But then you have a 200$+ Xbox360 you can sell for enough to buy more LIVE.
They cannot physically find out where you live.

Lol, they have your address in your acc info.\

but they cannot do anything,

It’s still fraud.

Im gonna try this. I already have 3 but i could always use another one.