How to get atleast 200 Microsoft Points with Bing Rewards

Hello everybody, I’m here today to tell you a easy, risk free way of getting 200 Microsoft points. Now it may not be too much but atleast your getting something. I’ve skimmed through the forums and haven’t found this method yet so I decided to share it with you. Also, this is only available in the US.

  1. Go here, click get started now. It’ll take you through a process. First you have to install Bing Bar for Internet Explorer and I think it only works for IE.

  2. Next it’ll have you register or sign in.

  3. Next when you’ve done all that you just have to go onto IE and click on rewards right next to the Bing bar, and you should have 250 points to redeem.

  4. Goto the rewards section and there should be 100 MS points.

  5. 100 Bing Points=100 MS Points, so claim 200 MS points.

  6. Everyday you can do offers to gain more Bing Points, but not like offers that you have to fill out and stuff, things like, well for example, today you get 2 points for each thing you search on Bing (MAX 10 points for that one).

  7. Do more and more offers to get more and more MS points, or just profit the 200 and your done.

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NOTE: They email you the code but for some reason it takes a little bit. I did this about last week and I just got my codes today, so it’ll take about 1-2 weeks.

Finally, please Thank this post if it helped you get free MS Points!

Nice tutorial, but it took 2 weeks to receive my codes so you may want to add that so people don’t expect them instantly.

Ok I will thanks for the advice.

hey this does work for Firefox i have it

So are you asking me if it works for FireFox or are you telling me it does work for FireFox?


bad boy.

Has anyone tested doing this with more then one account and successfully got more then 200 points?

i got a better way, and you get more msp. you get 1600. just take 20 bucks to a local walmart, and you could buy this thing called a Microsoft Point card. you can redeem them on xbox Live via the xbox dashboard.

This is old :\

It was on game-tuts like a week or 2 ago.

its only 200 though. thats lik 2 dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

Works :smiley: Thinks

2.5 actually.

im doing this now

May only be 200 but it’s something free. I bet you can get a whole buncha computers and just keep doing it with different emails.

This only works in the US.


Quite old, but I didn’t ever get mine…

But thats 2$ you could be short on something? (:

Could someone just use one computer and sign up to bing using a bunch of different proxy servers? I’m trying it now. By the way, I got my 250 points instantly.

EDIT: Proxies aren’t working for it. If someone gets the chance could they try this on a virtual machine? Although it most likely wont work because BING remembers your IP address, Have you got a local library or access to someone elses wifi? Theoretically using a laptop with a number of different WIFI connections would work if you then did a system restore and then repeated the process (If that makes sense to anyone). Then again, who are we to take advantage of BING’s generosity.

200 per account…it builds up bro…think about it…if u make 4 accounts you can change your gt…make 8 accounts, buy a map pack…anything