How to get diamond in the uk

can someone tell me how to get wemod diamond in the uk.

Have you tried looking under the MY ACCOUNT tab (top right corner) ?

When you click on this, it will take you to your Account Settings page, and from there, I think, you can upgrade your CURRENT PLAN to Diamond.

I haven’t tried this though. There are 2 options, Monthly, as well as yearly. I think you can pay via PAYPAL, or by using your current Debit/Credit card as well.

Btw, is this what you are actually looking for, or some other thing ?


Have you visited

no,i want to know how to pay for it with pounds (british money)

you just pay and it takes the converted amount from your money, so im canadian and when it chrages I pay the canadian equvilent to the cost

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Like mentioned above, you pay either via PAYPAL, or by using your current Debit/Credit card as well. The current and recent exchange rates should automatically reflect on the payment gateway page, imo.

If not, then try to select and change your country to UK, from the drop-down list. Then you can see the amount reflected in British POUNDS/GBP.

Follow up:: So, did you go through all the steps listed above ? Was your problem fixed ?

I don’t think so lol


You don’t have to do anything special. Fastspring deals with all of that type of stuff you just go through the normal checkout.