How to get @FBI.Gov

Extremely easy.

Step 1. Go Here

Step 2. Select ‘Use My Email’

Step 3. Input Your Info

Step 4. Create.

Step 5. Wallah

OMG…im scared now…anyone could have a FBI email now…and ask me for my personal information…
-Dammm you for sharing this…i hope no one uses the idea on top to doing any “bad things”

Awww you made a tut before I could :anguished:
Anyways I got and also
It works for any site, not just
You could probably put like
Ahahahah that’s so awesome. Better than @love. Thanks!

I loveyou.

I got

thank you. just got YourMom@FBI.Gov

hahahaha i got dibs w0000000t

What’s the point? You need to verify the account before you can even use it?
So you’re doing this for a screen shot.

Lol I got
Get at me!

trololol i got

Someone should do

how do you check mail and stuff on this. Can’t seem to find the mail.


I don’t think you are able to send and receive e-mails. I want my thanks back.


You can’t. The email would have to be verified.