How to get Free DLC. [TUT]

[b]Hey Guys.

Today im going to show you how to get Free DLC! ([/b]:

** You need a Friends Xbox Live Account Who Has The DLC.**

1: Recover the Account.

2: Then Go To Here: License Migration.

3: Then Fill Out The Details

4: Then Click Next, Next Until It sign outs You Out!

5: Then When Finished With The Site, Sign Back In :smile:

6:Then Go Download Te DLC He Has! :smile:

7: Doneeee. <333

You Can Delete The Profile if You Wish :wink:


No offense but… everyone alrady knows this.

This method is OLD.

Just Helping Out! <3

This might work, but I think you need to recover the GT every time.

You can Download The Content In 1 Recover :smile:

people are … -_______-


Can’t find anyone who will actually do this with me.

Dont troll on him - his just trying to help out and im sure there are new members that didn’t know this. Nice TuT :smile:

Yea…everyone is going to troll on people do this because it has been posted a million times, we do not need to re make threads over and over just so people do not have to use the search function

please please PLEASE Don’t Type Like This. it’s annoying and not many people in the community like it ):

This would have been useful if you posted it like 2 years ago…

I didn’t.

Can I use his 1 account and download whatever he has on that 1 account?

didn’t No tHta Theres Lots Of Them Sorry .

Nice effort though however agreeing with earlier posts this is very old

Will the account that you recover keep the dlc? I’ve never tried this.

I’m trying to be highly offensive, so get mad… everyone knows how to spell already.

I didn’t.

You can only do this once a year…

Firstly this is so old it’s unreal, look at the dash in the video! :laughing:
Seondly, I thank this guy. This method is quite well known but it’s easy to forget a year later that you can do it again.