How to get Free Dreamspark and XNA membership

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This is for those of you who do not want to pay $99 just to be able to develop games.
Frankly, I think MS is selfish for making XNA a paid service.

About XNA:
XNA is a language based off of c#, specifically designed for game development. In XNA, you can create a wide range of games, from basic, to extremely advanced. XNA has come a long way since its launch, and it is now becoming widely recognized by many major gave development companies. XNA is a great way to boost your portfolio for anyone who is looking for a career in game development.

XNA requires basic knowledge of the C# language. Being such a widely accepted method of developing games, there are countless tutorials to help you learn all you need to know with XNA.

Things you will need:
()Social Security Number - If you don’t know it, ask your parents. Tell them why you need it, and be honest. They should be ok with it.

Getting your .edu email
()Go to this website:

()Click the following button:

()Now, follow all the steps, and fill out all of your information, including your SSN.

At the end, you should be given an MEID, a email, and a password.

Once you have your email and login info, you can access your email here:
MCCCD Student Email

Signing up for Dreamspark
This step is required to verify your student status. It will send an email to your .edu email account, which you will use to verify you are a student.

()Go to, and login with your live account in the top right

()Now click on the “Get Verified” button in the left column

()Click the options as shown below:

()Put the state filter as “Arizona”, and select “Chandler/Gilbert Community College”

()Now just fill out the information. Use your .edu email address for the email address.

()You should now get an email to your .edu email account. Click the verify link.

Follow all of the steps, and enter in your activation key. You are now regiestered as a student on Dreamspark. This will give you access to all of the tools you need to begin developing games. It also gives you access to discounts for engines and other SDKs, should you decide to go further with your development.

()Now, go to This is the official msdn site for XNA development.

()Sign in with your live ID.

()Now, you should be prompted to register. Fill out your information like so.

It should automatically verify your email via Dreamspark.

Now you’re all set with XNA. You have all the access you need to start creating games. If you’re 18 years old, or older, you can submit your games. If they’re accepted, they will show in the Xbox 360 Game Marketplace, and you can make quite a bit of money off of your games.

Msdn is a good site to help with learning XNA. There are multiple tutorials, as well as sources for multiple games to help you learn. There are also forums which allow you to interact with other developers.

I hope this helped those of you who are serious about a future in Game Dev.


I just need a coder for 32 bit operating system

Cool story bro!

Seriously though. Nice tutorial. It will help everyone who doesn’t have this.

thanks man, although my parents think im too stupid to handle a social security number

I sent them an email saying my school wasn’t listed (because it wasn’t) and they just e-mailed me an activation code. But nice tut.

Just waiting for them to create the E-mail now… :expressionless:

What If Im only in 8th grade???

Give it a while.

If you don’t get it within the next hour, find the “Forgot my MEID” button and click it.

I had to do that to get my email.

If my parents are to stubbern to give me my SSN wat should I do

Hence why I’m cool enough to not have to put my real social security and feel like a idiot asking my mom. xD

It wont let me login

You have to wait about 20-30mins it happend to me but I got everything working Thanks speed great tut :smiley:

My parents won’t give me my SSN, what should I do? I told them why but they still said no, so I decided to piss them off…

Help? Idk what do do…

This might be not legal but just typed in a random 9 digits and save the digits in notepad then used that as an ssn

Oh, okay. I’ll do that then. If I get cuffed. It’s on my parents. Thanks man.

No broblem, its wat i did

I have a better idea.

Just refresh the page, and get more “ssn’s”!

Even though this is legit. Im still not all that willing to put my SS # in there…

It’s a college. I’m going to it next year. All colleges need your SSN for registration.

But judging off of the others, it looks like you can fake it with an random 9int number

Have you people seriously not heard of Fake Name Generator yet? T_T
Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator

^^ pretty much a alias generator.