How To Get Free MSP From Gamestop

1 Month


I did not find this.

I got this from TTG, but i did write this.

First, go Here.

Next, Enter your info.
You can enter anything you’d like, but you need a valid E-Mail Address.

Now, At the top, its going to say “Where did You purchase CoD:Black Ops?”

Click “Online”

Enter This Promo Code:

Click “Enter to Win”
Now, You can get many prizes ranging from Walpapers, to Gold, to MsP.

I currently have 5 MsP, 100 codes.Thats 500 MsP.

I also Got the Wallpaper and a T.G.I Friday’s Coupon.

Now, lets say you enter and win MsP, Click BACK and enter a NEW E-Mail and the SAME promo code, you will keep getting MsP codes.This has been confirmed by me, because thats how I got 5 of them.



[details=Open Me]


Click to get the Wallpapers.

Don’t forget to thank the post if it works.

EDIT:Confirmed that you can get 1 Months!

Great, people are going to abuse it.

cant get it to work

edit: never mind got it

never mind got it



I got 11 MsP codes coming in on Friday now xD

true but its free msp do :anguished:

Thanks! going to try it right now

Can’t wait to get home n try this out, thanx a lot.

Really? Who would’ve thought… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got my first 1 month.


my bad, i didnt read it properly

I have yet to get anything except wall papers

Click Back and Hit refresh.

I new verification code should appear.

Just got a one month :smiley:

Yay (: got a 1 month

thanx i got sweet wallpaper

what does a new verification code do?

so what should I enter legit and fake?

Do they email the code or Mail it?

I think they email it, I would enter legit just in case :smiley:

The T.G.I Friday’s free Appetizer