How to Get Free MSP (No Website/Downloads/Gens)

What you need
A phone to call 1800 4MY XBOX
An account ending in 2010 or 2011 with Automatic Renewal
Last 4 digits of CC used
Patientce (Sometimes)
Call up Choose Accounts and Billing
Tell them you want to cancel your acc

They will say why Say you are not satisified with the hacking and Lag of games and you are going to buy a ps3
They will say what games did you enjoy? Say i own over 50 games cant name my favorite one.

Finally they should say are you sure you want to cancel your account how about we give you 800 microsoft points?
Say i guess ill stay And done!!!

Please give thanks i have alot more tutorials! keep watching out!

haha good idea, dont you think they will flag your account for calling to many times?

what happens if they dont offer you the 800msp and the they cancel your account?

im not rly Patientce with those people and especially the person voice welcome to xbox support your call may be monitored and all the crap makes me want to break my phone :confused: but nice for finding that ill try it out…

Old, but what if they do cancel your account??

HAHAHA, "im gona switch to ps3 , “NO! here have 800msp” xD

Works Rarely,Please Be Sure NOT To Cancel You’re Account.

lol, i said i was goin to ps3 because my mic was laggy and they sent me 3 new ones!

The operators on those phone lines make me want to break my phone.

WTF Epic win?

Nice TUT… iMod Mate… keep Em Coming !

Nice am going to try this, what happens if they actually cancel the account ?

hahaha i will try this later today xD Thanks mate.

Also you can say that you scratched the msp card to hard so some of the digits got removed, worked for me.

Lol 3 mics i have over 20 of the peice of crap ones i have 1 x11.

I feel like every site that I am on someone has to post this annoying bullsh*t

it helps get free stuff shuhss

I’ve tried this like 3 times now and it never works.

nice but I saw this on awhile ago? lol thx anyways xD

Lol love the Pedobear guy:P such a WINRAR!

Im just trying to help the community :cry: