How to get Halo 4 Double XP For Free

Well me ,and my friends do this every time there has been Double XP for a game we go to a Walmart, Convenient Stores, or whatever you have that sells bags of Doritos with Halo Double XP. If you didn’t know on the side of the bags it has the codes for the Double XP so all you have to do is take picture of the codes ,and just go home and type them in!

I got 250+ hours of double xp last year
Also, while you’re there buy a mtn dew and pair the two codes together to get a bonus.

I just did it in the aisles, no one even asked any questions it was hilarious lol, sitting in wal-mart for hours going down every aisle and looking at the back of EVERY doritos bag while typing in my phone, just dont be a dick, put em back neatly.

Alright I will:D

I bet now when I try this all the codes will be already used when I try to use them haha

Lol did this at my job, I was lucky enough to get put on the sales floor. Whipped my phone out and took pictures of everybag …

Sounds like a good idea! :smiley:

will this be on doritos in scotland too? not sure if we have mountain dew though

Did this for MW3 lol. But I felt bad so I went back and bought all of them. So technically it wasn’t free for me.

wow, wonder how many people have done this and then someone who bought the bag tried the code and it never worked… lol

Ima be pissed if i got and buy them and ya;'ll used my codes. i like eating doritos sometimes xD

Lol. Good Idea . Wonder how many people would start staring at me though lol

I honestly never heard of those shows.

I just got caught in wawa a manger came up behind me and kicked me out :anguished: he said it was fraud and told me to delete all information I had that’s what I get for doing it with a iPad in front of the store…

i bought two bags of doritos and the codes were already used ****ers

Fraud? For recording publicly displayed information?

It’s their fault they don’t have a better way of doing it.

Don’t have codes for double XP in the UK :cry:

Yeah I still kept the 14 codes tho he kicked me out he was just being a douch bag he said I can’t take pictures in private property.Ive seen people take pictures in stores all the time like dafuq.

Anyone wanna spare some codes? Please PM me if anything.

Just tried to do this last night. However, someone beat me to it. haha

Did this at walmart and got 77games of double xp, i couldve gotten more but i was getting paranoid just everyone was staring at me. Since i ran out I am about to hit up a target! haha