How to get horizon.exe to work

i click on it but it says run so i click run and it doesnt do anything:(? plz help

run as admin?

You have .NET Framework 3.5 & .NET Framework 4?

EDIT: Try this:

  • Delete and re-download Horizon
  • Run As Administrator
  • Install .NET Framework 4 (Or Uninstall all versions, and install again)
  • Take Ownership of Horizon
  • Make Horizon an exception to EVERY firewall and anti virus you have.
  • Open Horizon and Task Manager, and on the memory tab, it should be around 50,000k used. (In not, it’s being blocked)
  • Run in Compatibility Mode (Windows XP or Above)

Right click > Run as Admin

Make sure you .NET framework is up-to-date.

Make sure your Anti-Virus isn’t flagging it. One thing I can confirm is that this latest build of horizon is Detected as a false positive by most AV’s just due to the fact of how it works.

thank you for the help it works now.

Glad to hear :smile: