How to get legit green weapon skins

Ok I see it is not posted yet so here it is. To get the Microsoft green liquid metal skin all you have to do is buy a large drink at Jack in the Box, redeem the code on: Jacks Got Game, and hope you win the skin.


Using Facebook

  1. Go here: Jack in the Box | Facebook
  2. Click the “share” button in the graphic and close the popup window
  3. Fill in fake info (use real email) - Mailinator - Let Them Eat Spam!
  4. Receive email and enjoy the code.
  5. Clear cookies or open up a private browsing window to repeat (Shift + Ctrl + N in chrome)
    Credit to Smiffy for tutorial

Edit: Facebook method no longer works. Not sure if its temporary or permanent.

According to Rod’s broadcast. After Jan. 1st they “may” find other ways to get the green skins to the general public…
So like Rod said, get to networking and find family and friends who live close to JITB to send you the codes…

Quick! Someone make a serial generator! :stuck_out_tongue:

ah wtf… and this was meant to be free scammed by microsoft

too bad the nearest fast food place is miles away. lol

whats your code it might be like EA’S Dr. Pepper thing

and i agree Cheater we need you lmao

exploit time!

time fo someone to make a gen for this haha

yeah pretty much anyone up for it

I want one! D:

i think this is bs because what if you don’t have a jack in the box :anguished:

i need this. NEED!!!

code me meow


I don’t have that were I live.

I know where I’m eating tonight :smile:


Just go to the Jack in the Box Facebook page and get a code, then proceed to and redeem it. I won the weapon skins first try and they sent them via e-mail.

Ok this may work… Link please?

Anyway if you don’t have one near you:
Print your name and residential address, phone, date of birth and email on 3x5 card. Mail in an envelope with proper postage to:

Brandmovers, Inc.,
PO Box 94079,
Atlanta, GA, 30377.

Must be received by 3:00pm ET, November 6, 2011. Mail each request separately. No copies. Free Codes will be emailed. You must obtain codes via legitimate retail purchase or free request above. Codes may not be sold, bartered or transferred.

Hmm the closest one is in North Carolina, I’m in Pennsylvania I guess I’ll have to get it some other way…

worked.Jack in the Box - Jack’s Got Game | Facebook

link to their facebook page?