How to get Minecraft for Free!


Thanks! Going to try this soon!


I’ve always wanted to get more into this game. I had a server before, but I had to take it down. After that I kinda forgot how to get this free.



This should be called “How to make your own server”

does this work for multiplayer?

whats the purpose of dling the server exe … you only need the client

Not sure I have not got it work yet, you are suppose to open the in notepad and change online-mode=true to false and it was suppose to work, but I’m still working on it.

no not unless its a “cracked” server

and itll work if whoevers server it is has online mode disabled

worked for me :wink:

How do i install mods on this? For single player?

Not sure I haven’t tried to install mods. :wink:

You get two options one find a .EXE type of installer to automatically install them for you which not many are around or simply download the modified files then open up your minecraft file which is a .jar file type it will be located in C:\Users\YOURCOMPUTERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\bin

you simply right click the file and choose open with winrar archiver it will then show all the files in which you then select your modified files and drag and drop them over it may ask do you want to overwrite them click yes exit out start minecraft up and all should be fine you also do this if you want to install custom textures hope i explained myself right and sorry for the one big sentence my lack of knowledge in grammar and punctuation skills are very poor as i missed a lot of school still thats not an excuse looks like i need lessons :laughing: hopefully youtube can help

Support the dev who created this awesome game and buy it. The crack is no where near as fun as the real game.

I don’t have money.

Plus I have tons of mods now. So I’m fine with the crack for now

Nice tutorial!

This worked for me. However I cannot seem to break anything. Every time I try and attack the trees and whatever it wont work. So I can basically do nothing. When I tried this on my laptop a long time ago it did the same thing. Any idea why its doing this?

just buy it stop being so cheap… reported this is warez.

Do you click your mouse repetitively or hold it in?

I like to try games before I buy them, I’m sure others do to.

Thank You So much