How to get the Gears of War 3 Beta early


  1. Plug in your Harddrive or USB to your computer
  2. Your HDD or USB in USB XTAF or Xport 360
  3. Go to Partition 3 - Content
  4. Drag the Modded Profile in
  5. Now go to the 000000000 partition
  6. Find the folder inside the “Gears of War 3 Beta” folder called “4D5389B9”
  7. Drag that into the 00000000 partition
  8. Let it copy, then disconnect from PC
  9. Plug the harddrive into your Xbox, and go to your game library
  10. Now you have access to the Beta on the 18th of April! Thumbs UP!

The video is by me.

EDIT: I did not know this was posted before -__- sorry.

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Can someone unzip it and PM it to me… i’m having trouble downloading the RAR.

what are you using to unzip/unrar it ?
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It been posted like 5 times, GJ.

Gj anyway baby. <3

Nice work. You now have one more Thanks :smile:

Too bad you don’t get to play it early, only the start-up. :anguished:

Can someone please post this not in a .RAR file?

Is there anyway to get the beta earlier than Bulletstorm people(18th?) There is a site called microsoft expertzone that gives codes and you can play 3 days earlier on the 15th. YOu need to verify employment tho, anyway around that? Photoshop?

you have bulletstorm epic edition or you buy 12 months with 800 msp and the beta.

I’m talking about if its possible to get the codes from expertzone anyway without verifying employment.