How to get the gow3 beta today

Here’s what you do:

This does work I have gotten about 5 codes from it to give to friends!

  1. Go to Microsoft ExpertZone - Language Selection
  2. Register and say you work for Wal-Mart (Does NOT require employment verification)
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Click the Gears of War 3 banner on the home page
  5. Take the quiz
  6. Pass the quiz (lol)
  7. Return to the homepage and click the Get your Beta code banner
    :sunglasses: Profit!


Credit to d0r1en0

answers are


or DL it from diamond :smiley:

or get your own code :smile:

Link is down…

The link doesn’t work for me…

Non Diamond Method :smile:

Link doesn’t load as stated above.

edit: there’s just a lot of traffic. isnt working

your not diamond…

when i click register its not loading for me dammm :worried:

hold on guess theres too much traffic on the site

Do you need actual details? or can you make them up?

Guessing you can make them up, apart from email?

the link is up again

what do i put?

Company Name *
Store Number *
Store Phone Number *
Referral Code
What is your primary job function? *
What do you primarily sell?

which store # did you use?

store number 0001

you could put any

store number?