How to get the Locust helmet (USA/Canada)

Step 1. Download the app from the googleplay store called Location Spoofer and the King of The Hill App, iOS users who have their iphone jailbroken can download location spoofer from here Location Spoofer – Spoof your location for ANY app!

Step 2. Go to your phone and Under Settings --> Development/Developer Options --> Enable Mock Locations

Step 2. Find the location of the nearest 711’s to you even if they are hundreds of miles away, doesn’t matter

Step 4. Copy their adress’s down and paste them onto Latitude and Longitude of a Point
So you can get the latitude and longitude needed for Location Spoofer

Step 5. Go to your phone and turn on wifi and GPS

Step 6. Open up the Location Spoofer app and type in the Latitude and Longitude of one of the 711 locations, put the Duration to 60 minutes and check the box that says “Spoof GPS location too” then click start spoofing

Step 7. Go to the King of The Hill App and the app should be tricked into thinking you are at one of the 711 locations! Then go back to the Location Spoofer app and click stop spoofing then type in the new latitude and longitude of another 711 location and click start spoofing, repeat this process for the other 711 locations (remember you must get the 711 address’s latitude and longitude through the site i provided)

Step 8. For supplies its really easy to reload, just scan the Doritos logo through your computer screen through the link

for the Mountain Dew logo scan it through this link

Or if you have a bag of doritos and a bottle of mountain dew you can just keep scanning those.

Credit for this tutorial goes to elitexfighter2 on the waypoint forums.

I can’t do it so will someone who does do it if you don’t want it or already have PM me if you’d be willing to share please. :smile:

Quite intriguing. Doing it now, will edit this post with my results.

My only question is, how do you actually get the locust helmet?

I thought this was obvious… I did it when no one played this <3. Still 2nd on the leaderboards too :smile:

Trying this now. Will update if it works.

So I basically did everything you said. When I load up the KOTH app it say’s that my location cannot be determined. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong…

You have to capture 100 7 elevens. It’s time consuming.

No, you need to get to the top of the leaderboard and stay there for 100 hours.

…Locust helmet is hard to get?
I got the whole suit for buying the Halo 4 Console O_o… I think.

My only question is, how do you actually get the locust helmet?

You get the locust Helmet from Pre-ordering Halo 4 from Mighty ape, I got mine from Best Buy but a good friend gave me his locus helmet.

…Locust helmet is hard to get?
I got the whole suit for buying the Halo 4 Console O_o… I think.

It’s extremely hard to get in the US since mighty ape’s games are region locked and do not work in the US only the Codes do, also the armor you get for the Halo 4 console is named Fotus also the Locus helmet is just the helmet and no armor, just like the Dead Eye helmet.

You got the FOTUS suit :stuck_out_tongue:

you think this will work outside of the us if your spoofing the location?

they fixed this already… tried going for the locust helmet but after going to a 711 a down the street they flagged me for teleporting…

who says teleporters aren’t real?

Is there any other way to get this or to mod it somehow? Without JTAG/RGH

Was trying everything was working but now when I try to refill my ammo or w/e it doesn’t work :confused:

Anyone wanna give me a code?

i have an extra code for the fotus suit :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me.

im probably going to end up selling if i ever get around to it (super busy)

no you got the Fotus armour