How to get the Original Xbox Gamer Picture

Mirror: Download @ UppIT

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[details=How to make your account look like a V1]

Once you have the Original Xbox GP, add the Xbox 360 Dashboard to your list of played games (FFFE07D1) Download here: Download @ UppIT
Delete the Xbox 360 Dashboard from your Game History. (You may have to wait a while until you are able to delete it from your game history. This may even take up to 2 days)
Your Bio, Gamerscore, and Game History will now be gone.

Then put your rep to 0 and make your Zone “none”.

Then it will look like this:

It’s a V1? :O[/details]

goddd thats so beautiful <3 your amazing

Amazing, thanks for the tut (*:

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Removed your Adfly link.
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Thanks for sharing.

Fair enough, I just thought megaupload makes you wait 25 seconds before a download, an extra 5 seconds wouldn’t make a huge difference.

Use DropBox >.<

I added a uppit link, there’s no waiting :smile:

UppIT - Free File Sharing - I love Elliot

nice post elliot

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For adding the Xbox 360 Dashboard to my games list I just inject FFFE07D1 into my profile contents?

I’d like to how to extract the gamerpicture out of your MegaUpload file…

I used Le Fluffie to add it to my profile, I think that method of deleting all your gamerscore might be patched though.

You don’t need to extract anything, just drag the file straight onto your HDD.

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Good tutorial Elliot and nicely done on the Cheater part as well haha.

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I’ve seen friends with this gamerpicture who don’t even know how to mod.