How to Get Unlimited 1 Month Xbox Live Accounts **VIDEO TUT**


Flash Drive (1 GB or higher)
Email For Each Account
Xbox 360

Step 1: Plug in Your USB flash Drive

Step 2: Take Out Your Hard drive Just in Case

Step 3: Create A offline Account On The Flash Drive.

Step 4: Click Join Xbox Live On The Guide Button.

Step 5: If it asks You if You Have a Windows Live ID, Say No ( unless Your Email You are Going To Use is Hotmail, Then You already Have One) and Create A new One With the Email you are using.

Step 6: When The Gold Subscriptions Pop Up , Click That You Do Not Want Gold, It Should Pop Up That You are eligible For A Free One Month Of Gold, Accept It.

Step 7: Once You’ve Made the Account , Plug In Your Hard Drive.

Step 8: Go To Your Memory And Transfer The Account To Your Hard Drive.
Now you can have as many Gold accounts as you want Very Happ

I posted this earlier but people said it didnt work?

Oh sorry Didnt see it I got it to work made 6 accounts today :smile:

doesnt work for me can you make me an account with 1 month when u are getting them free If so PM

hey can you make a account for me please and send me the details in a PM because i cant get it to work and ive been banned from black ops

Doesn’t work. For 90% of people at least.

Doesn’t work for me, also what camera do you use?

Nice tut! works for me.

naa dont work

Everybody knows this. :3

I use a sony HDR SR11

Sweet! great backup when you run out of gold.

worked for me :smile:

does this really work? or do i have to keep reformatting my usb?

Im Almost 100% Percent Sure Its Patched. But Then Again Try It Later.

This never worked for me… :confused:

I think you can only make 3-4 accounts that can get the one month of gold, after that you can’t get a month of gold on any new accounts you make.
This method of getting gold on new accounts no longer works, allthough it never worked when i frist tried it :confused:
It’s been patched in the NXE files which are not stored on the harddrive as you may know.
People who say it works may have not use all their free one months.
I realy doubt that it just works for some people and not for others…

I never got this working. Rather wasted 3 months of live.

Works like a charm! Thanks a lot!

do i have to do this every time i want a 1 month free?