How to get unlimited double xp for call of duty elite

Step 1:
Go here and create a new Call of Duty Elite account. You can use this site YOPmail - Disposable Email Address to make unlimited emails and this site Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator for fake information.

Step 2:
Once you have confirmed and created the new Elite account you are going to link your Gamertag/PSN to it.
(Make sure your Gamertag/PSN is not linked to any other Elite accounts! When you are done with the exploit you can always link it back to your real Elite account!)

Step 3:
Change one class using your online Elite account.

Step 4:
Go to your console, Open MW3 and get into a online match. You should now have double XP!

Have fun ranking up! You can keep doing this has long has you like! Keep in mind Elite is still very glitchy so you may experience some errors.

I got this from hackforums so yes i copy pasted just needed to be posted here.

Does this actually work??? this is very tempting lol

Yes it does wok since I tried it like 2 days ago.

How much XP would you get every time you use this method?

i am pretty sure it is 2hours

2 Hours each time.

You are more likely to get banned doing this then modding. Least modding you can blame on someone else, like you got in a lobby and it ranked you up or something. Lol.

Actually I got 6 hours from CoD Elite on one email because it glitched when it verified. Plus what if your email has been hacked and you do not have access to it?

Anyways you can always link and unlink your account.

For this to work do you need Call of duty elite membership?

No just a CoD Elite account.

i cant i get this every time :

your are probably going to get banned because they are going to be like how the hell does he have so much double xp

they elite servers are busy or they are working on them

Thanks for this, i didn’t want to waste my time if it didn’t work, but now i know :smile:

It keeps telling me to play a game, everytime I do it still says it…

Any help?

i will try mate, thanks for the info :smile:

everytime i do this it just links my account it self and i dont get the xp???

Dangit, when you click “Enter Call of Duty Elite”, it is down.

Dude wtf i dont get my xp >:(

For the people saying it doesn’t work… All you have to do is confirm your email and then go to the campaign menu on your Xbox then back to multiplayer and it should be there.

i tried, but everytime i edit my classes online it doesn’t take over when i go to my xbox like i never get anything that asks to confirm my changes.