How to get unsuspended

This only works if you get banned for your bio/motto gamerpicture, name or location. (Not sure if it will work for other reasons, not gamerscore thats for sure)

Once you are suspended, you’ll get a message. (I was banned for 15 days for ex.)

Once you see that check your email to make sure your banned for that reason.

Go on a second account (Can be silver)

Go to the XBox forums, then XBox Live Support Forums.

Go down to 14. My Account Has Been Suspended

Say that I have been banned for whatever reason I’ll give an example.

My account has been suspended because of my motto/bio. If you can please unban me so that I can get the chance to change my profile.

My Gamertag is: Paranormal Sevn

Within the same day or 3 days your account will be unbanned. I learned this from a employee at 1-800-4myXBOX. It works, you don’t have to say what your bio or motto said or whatever you did, they will know by just looking.

if you have another account wait until you get un suspended, damn. you deserved it, learn to read the tou, k?

This is for people that only have 1 Gold account. And the rest are silver or only have one account.

I don’t see how this works or why Microsoft would unban you for this…

Besides I called for a different reason other than my ban, my dashboard kept freezing so they told me to do this. Cause since my ban, I couldnt access the dashboard if i signed in, it’ll freeze even if the ethernet was out.

Also even after recovering the account it would still freeze.

I didn’t think so either but appearently the people who acctualy look at the complaints. I got banned for having the phrase “kiss my rear” in my bio. Just because someone sent a message to his friends saying to report me for my profile.

it’s inappropriate. you deserved it. read the tou…

If it works then… Il give you a lifetime supply of UNICORNZ!

tldr: Post here asking to be unsuspended:

This won’t work :expressionless:

Indeed it wont work.

When you are suspended for your etc they change everything to Code of Conduct, so they have no need to unsuspend you to allow you to change the information.

“If you can please unban me so that I can get the chance to change my profile.”

That’s an incomplete sentence…